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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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Mad Poster
#2176 Old 9th Nov 2018 at 11:19 PM
Nope. All four are from the same show. Though they aren't adults in it.

The Receptacle still lives!
Forum Resident
#2177 Old 9th Nov 2018 at 11:58 PM
They’re from the Proud Family. I can always recognize my girl Dijonay.

Mad Poster
#2178 Old 9th Nov 2018 at 11:59 PM
And we have a winner!

The Receptacle still lives!
#2179 Old 10th Nov 2018 at 1:35 AM
Proud family was good it had the family matters mama as the grandma voice. is penny the one in the red shirt with black hair?
Mad Poster
#2180 Old 10th Nov 2018 at 2:37 AM
Indeed she is.

The Receptacle still lives!
Lab Assistant
#2181 Old Yesterday at 7:04 AM
Akira what's his face from San Myshuno stayed the night at my sim's lot. I get the notification where he's saying he has to leave for work. He gets out of bed, changes from his pjs into...the nude?...and proceeds to potty walk all the way out into the street.

What even is this game lmao
#2182 Old Yesterday at 10:22 AM
Sooo my sim Henrik gained 1 fame level. His brother Erik is close behind. I want them to be famous Hall of Famers, because that's what they are...just minus the fame.

Thought I would get them some positive reputation. Sent them volunteering with their little boys on a freezing Harvest fest (what better way to show thankfulness than to give back?)... noted that Erik was starting to get chilled and then freeze, and then the two boys... fortunately they should be okay, because I use the UI mod to delete those negative moods and they turned back from blue to normal skin color. This all happened despite them wearing WINTER clothes. So keep an eye on your sims who are volunteering!!

And in the same household, how do I put this? Their teenage son became a father. No, I didn't plan that because Im not one of those simmers that does teen pregnancy/parenthood stories for fun. It surprised the heck out of me when I discovered the mother was pregnate.

I only did a teen pregnancy ONCE several years ago with a teen who was almost a YA who married a YA who had just aged up. I had another late teen marriage besides that but they didn't have children until they became YA because from what I understood babies of teens do not get their parent's features. Interestingly, the baby of the teen mom and YA dad, looks like the dad...exactly.

Anyway, Magnus is a teen and a father and is finding it very difficult. He doesn't seem to make the baby very happy, other than when he feeds it and changes its diapers. He's trying though. He even got a job and gives the mother gifts of simoleons to help buy food, diapers, ect. When the baby is 2, I'll have him take over custody of her.

Being a teen dad is tough, it's not glamorous. But he's trying his best.

The mother didn't have enough money for basic paint...

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Forum Resident
#2183 Old Yesterday at 11:20 AM
Haven't played sims in forever. I had a weird bug: whenever sims were working or going to school and you traveled with a sim that was still at home, the other sims left work/school. That made it hard to play my legacy and I was afraid the new patch wouldn't fix it but it luckily did so I was able to install GF. My legacy hasn't progressed enough to focus on making the next heiress a star like I had planned before the bug occured, so I've decided to use the new EP to determin who even would be my next heiress.

These two girls are eligible and the original story to determin who would inherit the legacy was that Artemis (the oldest one) is an ugly duckling and Minerva is a pretty one and whoever would grow up to be a swan would have to be chosen. That's pretty shallow, so GF gave me an opportunity to create a more fitting competition.

I've created an alternative save and aged both of them up to YA and made them move into the new city. Eventhough they are competitors, thanks to them never having the falling out their father and his brother had at one point to determin the heir, they're actually good friends and are looking forward to a good contest. Whoever gets to be a five star celebrity first will inherit the legacy. The real rules state that the heiress can never leave the legacy house so thats why I'm taking this route (also, I'm way too impatient to wait until both would have grown up).

The story behind Artemis is that she's learned the hard way how much styling can influence a sim's look and confidence and that's why she's trying her luck as a style influencer.

Minerva has always been admired by everyone, so she's gotten a little too self-involved and thinks she will make it onto the big screen. Her sister told her to go for the cute-relatable look and so she did.
Lab Assistant
#2184 Old Yesterday at 1:17 PM
In two separate saves my sims have thrown a dinner party for the holidays and invited Nina Caliente, and in both saves, while my sim was cooking the grand meal, she came up while it was in the oven, while my sim was still in the process of cooking it, opened the oven, took it out, and threw it away. What, I just what, what is...with her, w hy
#2185 Old Yesterday at 9:10 PM
Okay so I said that I was surprised at the pregnancy that occured between Magnus and his partner, (as this was not their first encounter) but when I checked my settings it was in unsafe mode for NCPs. It explains it.

Now as for children of teens NOT inheriting their parent's features, I submit this as a counter argument.

The daughter (bottom, obviously) has her mother's eyes for sure, but that nose profile, that mouth shape, that clefty chin, and those EARS (luumia's preset ears are the only inheritable ears...) are all from her father. Magnus was born in game and also got his ears from his dad.

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
Field Researcher
#2186 Old Yesterday at 10:11 PM
First person mode was added and Wicked Whims was updated. Need I say more?
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