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Default Can someone with BV help me check hack compatibility?
I don't have BV, but I would like to check if I need to make a BV-compatible version of a hack. Can someone check group 0x7F327BCE (bookshelf globals) to see if (the BV versions of) BCON 0x2001 and BHAV 0x2015 had changed since Seasons? And take screenshots of them (after sorting the BHAV in the SimPE, please) if they have?
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I'd like to help you, though I'm not sure how exactly. I do have BV in fact, I have everything.
I tried by importing semi-globals (bookcase globals) Then among the list, chose the BCON and the BHAV that seemed to have the numbers you mentioned. But then I got
So if you can guide me a little, I might be able to help.

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How about I give you the bhav/bcons from each EP and you can take a look?

Rose, what I did what use the Filter Resource with it set to the Instance given. The opened the objects package for bv, extracted those resources, then did the same for seasons.
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Thanks a lot, it looks the same as Seasons! If you happen to also have M&G, could you export the same resources from that, also?
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