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Default How to assign bone meshes onto models for animation
Hey. me and a friend made a AFmesh copy of the sims 2 animation body mesh so we can add extra joints to the (breast, butt, and face joints/bones now) issue is we dont know how to assign them to the sims 2 models?
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Pretty sure you can't add bones to the existing skeletons and expect them to work with the game. Adding bones means the rigs may get confused and not work properly. I think you can only slightly modify the existing bones (or the CRES file?) and you can probably do some trickery with the bone assignments.

Even if you got the new skeleton to work, existing clothes would most likely not work, and may even throw errors.

You can add bones to new objects if you want to add custom animations, but that's about it. I don't think you can do much to the bodies.
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